Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2009 RECAP: DC COMICS "Ides of Blood" part 2

Here are some zoomed-in detail shots of each cover.

Fun facts: The woman on cover 2 was originally topless, with just her arm concealing her breasts - but they later asked me to raise the sheet to include most of her torso (as it was deemed: 'too racy').

I found the vampire woman on cover 5 to be a particularly challenging design as she was described as being a morbidly obese barbarian woman with snake eyes, fangs, snake skin and tattoos. I thought: "Tattoos on snake scales? ...How am I going to pull THAT off?"

Issue 1 detail               -                Issue 2 detail

Issue 3 detail               -                Issue 4 detail

Issue 5 detail               -                Issue 6 detail

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